Ohmega BFT+

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The legends at Ohmega have now finally given us the reboot we deserve!

The biggest selling RTA we have ever had our hands on is now back with some fantastic improvements...its what the BFT 2 should have been from the start!

 New improvements include:
- Airflow control

- Pull off top instead of a threaded cap

- Unbreakable PMMA tank section (2 sections included, one normal size and one bubble butt version that gives you a monstrous 15ml juice capacity!!)

- All threads and screws are refined so they are less prone to crossing and stripping!

- More universal drip tip (fits all goon/TFV8-12 tips)

Plus the same awesomeness that you knew and love from the original BFT!

*avoid juices with high citrus content to avoid cracking the PMMA glass*